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In this technological advanced era, we the human population are becoming more and more dependent on technology. Nowadays, everyone owns a smartphone, even a BABY! Can you believe that?! But as it made our lives easier, it has also started to destroy our very own environment. As newer phone with more advanced technology, people are started to change their phones more frequently. Hence increasing the number of discarded smartphones and at the same time increasing the amount of e-waste produced in the nation.

Why Smartphone Repair Association is Founded?

Smartphones Repair Association is an organization that focuses on our own version of 3R, which is Reuse, Recycle and Repair. The reason behind this is because, we would like to reduce the amount of e-waste being produced in the country while at the same time sharing our knowledge about smartphones with all of you.


Smartphone Repair Association is a non-profit organization encouraging the society to have self-possession in repairing smartphones skills independently.

Taking Action Towards E-Waste, That is What We Do.
Do You Wanna be Part of Us?

Be a part of us to become a hero that protects the ENVIRONMENT. We strive to create a better future for all communities in Malaysia. We strive to increase and spread awareness about the importance of sustainability among the communities within the country. We would also like to share our profound knowledge about smartphones to all of you. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us now and become a hero!



"I have created this organization in order to reduce the E-Waste that is being produced in our country. I have seen what sort of dangers can be done not only to the environment but also to us humans when the amount of E-Waste is increased. Not only that it will begin to poison our environment but also the animals and we who eat the meat or dairy from animals will be poisoned as well. I want all the future generations to know that electronic gadgets are slowly killing all of us and yet we are still indulging over it."


"It is a pity for me to see that the younger generation nowadays are playing with phones almost all the time. They are wasting their time on it by not enjoying what nature and the environment has to offer. And because of our own convenience we are killing our very own environment. The environment where we have all grown up from. This is why I hope to reduce E-Waste that are being produced in our very own nation while at the same time educating society about the dangers of increasing E-Waste."



  • We strive to empower people, especially the youth, to expand their knowledge and skills by learning an advanced set of skills in smartphone repairing.
  • Getting the communities to acknowledge repairing skills as a profession that are able to get employed in the relevant industry.
  • To build a future where e-waste is no longer a problems towards the environment.
  • To build a society where everyone have the technical skills to repair their phone.


  • We are focused on encouraging the society on the benefits and the phenomenal truths behind smartphone repair.
  • To inspire and educate the society on the importance of smartphone repair knowledge.
  • To create a platform for the society to consult their issues or ideas in the form of forums and discussions.
  • We encourage mutual collaboration between the association and the society to help nurture those who are passionate about smartphone repairing while at the same time satisfying those who are curious about smartphone repairing.
  • To spread awareness about the importance and benefits about smartphones repairing.
  • Create a society whereby people are able to fix their smartphone with their own hands.



Accidents happen. Everybody drops their smartphone all the time. Sometimes, there’s no real damage done, but dropping your smartphone can cause severe damage that ranges from cracks to internal damage that can induce your smartphone to make trouble.
Some people believe that a broken smartphone means purchasing a new smartphone. That's not always the case here. Nonetheless, most smartphones can be fixed without investing a lot of money, and there are several benefits to smartphone repair.

The Benefits of Learning Smartphone Repair Skills

  • Repair Saves You Money
    Instead of replacing your smartphone, the self-repair would be much efficient, cheap, and doesn't even nab you a penny!
  • Repair is Better than Abandoning
    Sustaining your smartphone's maintenance is much worth it and satisfying. Don't believe it? How about giving yourself a try!
  • Repair Teaches You New Skills
    The best way to find out either your smartphone is working or not is to take it apart by yourself. Self-repair promotes a beautiful form of creativity too!
  • Repair Preserves the Mother Nature
    Our world is almost reaching its breaking point. The resources are limited, but yet we keep on harvesting the resources for the smartphone manufacturing line. Furthermore, people seem not to know the exact method to dispose of used or broken smartphones. So it might lead the e-wastage and become the plague on the planet. Be smart and reuse what you already have!


Environment is Dying Every Time You are Scrolling Through Your New Phone

Do you know that, everytime when you buy a new phone, You are actually killing the environment without you even noticing it. Why? Cause when you finally have a new phone on your hand, You will throw away your old ones right? But by doing so, you are increasing the amount of e-waste being produced and hence harming the natural environment by doing so. With this small little action, you could possibly be killing hundreds or perhaps even thousands of living animals in the environment. Are you sure this is who you are? Join us now to start taking care of the environment before it's too late.

Ways You Can Help for Donation Program

This program is for the public who wanted to contribute a little strength by giving us their old phone instead of throwing away
This program is a scheduled program for any volunteers (student also possible) to go around anywhere where most e-waste is found to collect the e-waste.


This program is for the public who wanted to contribute a little strength by giving us their old phone instead of throwing away


This program is a scheduled program for any volunteers (student also possible) to go around anywhere where most e-waste is found to collect the e-waste.


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